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Thursday, August 14, 2014

How my kids have adjusted to my weight loss

My kids are only 4 and 2.  They don't quite understand that mommy lost 100 lbs.  Even though they see that I am smaller than I used to be from photos, they still don't quite understand that I lost a lot of weight.  I don't expect them too either.  However, they have definitely had changes in their life because of it.  Before losing weight, we used to eat out at least 4-5x a week, maybe more.  It was not healthy and very expensive.  If I didn't feel like cooking, then we ate Wendy's or Del Taco.  As convenient and delicious as it was, the benefits were small.  I was gaining weight quickly and my kids weren't learning healthy habits.  

When I first started to lose weight, I was really overwhelmed with the new tasks I was faced with.  I had to make sure my meals were prepped and ready each day for myself.  I often times neglected to make them hearty and healthy meals because I just assumed they didn't want what I was having.  I would cook them frozen foods which I don't think is bad for kids, just not every night in my opinion. They started to ask for the foods I was eating (steamed broccoli, grilled chicken, brown rice).  It hadn't really occurred to me to offer that food to them too.  Here I was making my life harder by making 2-3 separate dinners a night when really they were interested in what I was eating all along.  My daughter still can be pretty picky so I am not an all-star mom feeding them fiber and low caloric foods at every meal, but they sure eat a lot more now than they used to.

Now, it's pretty typical for my kids to be chugging a green smoothie packed with spinach and frozen fruits.  They eat my brown rice pasta and will lick the hummus off the bowl.  However, they also love a good warm hot pocket and some ice cream.  That is perfectly fine to me.  While I may not indulge, my children run up and down the stairs for fun.  I don't think a 300 calorie ice cream is going to hurt them.  If I ran up and down stairs for fun, I think I could eat whatever I wanted too.  

They love to talk about mom running and often times show me how fast they can run.  This sure brings a smile to my face because they see that exercise, even at this young, can be fun.  My daughter often times plans dates for us to go hiking together and I hope soon for that to happen.  I am just waiting for her to get a little older.  Knowing that these changes have happened in such a short time makes my heart burst.  We are spending less time in front of the tv and more time moving our bodies.  If I do anything right as a mother, this would sure be something important for me to do for my children. 

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  1. Well said! Your family is beautiful and I enjoy following your blog and instagram! You're an inspiration =)


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