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Friday, August 29, 2014

Weight loss update

I haven't done a weight loss update in forever!! I wasn't losing any weight for a really long time so I just kind of decided to stop updating since I knew that I was still changing but in other ways.  Well I am back to explain how my last few months have gone. Overall, I have been doing great! 

I weighed in last at the end of last week at 184.8.  I was pretty happy with that and am hopeful I will lose another few pounds soon! I reached a huge goal this past week.  At the start of my journey, I dreamed (literally) of being a size 6.  I thought that would be my ultimate size.  I thought once I got to that size I will be soooo happy and never want to change a thing about myself.  Well, a few days ago, I felt like my pants were all getting a little baggy.  I hadn't lost too much weight so I just assumed that a 6 would still be too small.  I tried some on anyways and sure enough they zipped up!! My poor kids had no idea why mommy was celebrating in the dressing room, but they were having fun. That moment was pretty surreal and I felt so good about my accomplishment.  However, I have had a wake up call that no matter what size I am I will always want something different so might as well soak in the victories while they are happening rather than chase after the next goal right away.  This whole process needs to be celebrated, not just the end!

I also had an epiphany the other night.  I decided I want to be a health coach.  I think I am going to look into getting certified and take on clients so that I can help people reach their goals.  I can see the benefits of having someone be held accountable to especially when they have gone through the whole weight loss themselves.  I am really excited to start this next venture because I know that this is my true calling! I just love being able to motivate others to reach their goals! 

I started training for another half marathon this past week.  I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to do 3 halves this year and I will complete that goal in October.  I will say that 3 is quite a bit and I am tired of running because of a training program.  However, I feel so accomplished after I finish a race so I know that the payoff will be great.  

Last reminder to enter the Fitness Ridge giveaway ending today! One of you will win a week stay at Fitness Ridge in St. George, Utah! This place is amazing and whoever wins is one lucky duck!


  1. Love this post great job with your success. I think you'd be an awesome fitness coach since you inspire so many anyways.

  2. Way to go! I'm on my own fitness journey and am down 46 lbs! But my belly fat is just hanging on! Any advice on what really worked

    1. ...to get rid of it for you? I weigh just a bit more than you and am impressed with how sculpted you look. Thanks for being an inspiration!

  3. Sign me up!!! Can't wait for you to do this new adventure!

  4. This is so great! I feel like I would rather be in a certain size than a certain weight. And you will be such a great coach! You are one of the most motivating people I have ever "met"!!!

  5. yes congrat's you look amazing!

  6. Sign me up!! How do you enter?

  7. Great job! If you space them out right (or just do them close together) the three will be totally do-able. You've got this!


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