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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Six Sisters Stuff Cookbook: 12 Days of Christmas

I am a human being and love to eat just like the next person! I think that a balanced diet is very healthy for anyone, trying to lose weight or not! As you know, I encourage cheat meals and this weeks reward was homemade Apple French Toast Casserole from the Six Sisters Stuff newest cookbook: 12 Days of Christmas, which you can pre-order now! It is such a great Christmas Gift.

Basically, when I first got the cook book, I had to wipe the drool off my face because there were so many great ideas in there! The ideas and foods got me so excited for the upcoming holidays! 
This recipe for Apple French Toast Casserole was so easy to make and my whole family devoured it. It was seriously the perfect breakfast for my family to enjoy on Sunday morning as we sat and watched LDS general conference together.  What I loved the most about the book was how each recipe was easy to make and all the ingredients were ones that I could easily find at the grocery store or already had on hand! For this recipe, I just needed to get Apple Pie filling and everything else I had.  It sure was convenient.  My daughter Olivia and I already went through the book and picked out other recipes we want to make this year for the holidays! I know that the holidays don't and shouldn't revolve around food and I love that I can have a healthy balance with fun and entertaining! So very different for me than in the past! 

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