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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Skechers Pink Ribbon shoes for Breast Cancer Awareness

October has become a very special month of the year for so many reasons.  One very high on the list is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I have had very close relatives lives taken from this cancer and this month really lets me focus on the importance of being aware. My aunt died of breast cancer right before I met my husband and even though I was just a teenager, I can remember feeling so sad that she passed away. She fought for many years, but I know now she is much happier.  Knowing that this particular cancer runs in my family and since I am a female, the awareness for it does not go lightly.  I can remember running my first 5k 5 years ago and it was a Breast Cancer Awareness run.  I met so many women who had gone through this terrible cancer, who survived and then family members who were running for loved ones who passed on.  That was a really memorable moment in my life not just because it was my very first 5k run, but because I saw the huge influence this community has on awareness.  

Skechers is supporting the American Cancer Association and has created a new line of apparel for Breast Cancer Awareness.  When you wear these shoes or clothing, it can help remind you of those fighting for their lives and those who have lost the battle.  I think the best thing you can do is raise awareness even if you aren't directly affected.  I am wearing the GoRun 3 Shoe and have really enjoyed wearing them. Not only are they very cute, but they are super comfy.  It feels like my feet are walking on foam.  I wore mine to the gym this morning while running on the treadmill and felt so much comfort.  It's a really great shoe. They have several other style of shoes as well! Click on links to see other styles: GoRun Sprint and GoWalk 2.  

For myself, I personally stay active to have a healthy body and mind.  There is nothing worse than constantly feeling like you aren't good enough, not having enough energy or just wishing you could be something else.  I stay active because I want to feel good about how I look and feel.  I also want to be a healthy mom who is always keeping up with her kids.  I can remember being so exhausted most days when my kids were even younger and feeling like the end of the day was never going to happen.  While the end of the day is still an eternity some days, I am always able to keep up with my 4 and 2 year old.  They see me running and they understand how happy that makes me. 

 Combining my love of running and spreading awareness of Breast Cancer are something I am in full support of!  I know that I may not find a cure by spreading the awareness, but saving someone's life is enough for me.  Click here to go to the Skecher's Pink Ribbon Products to see their comfortable shoes!

Top: Old Navy | Leggings: Meet Ellie 20% off coupon with livylovestorun | Shoes: Skechers

 I would love to know which shoe you would be interested in and which one you would buy!

This post was sponsored by Skechers, however, opinions on products were my own!


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  2. I'm loving the GOrun 3 shoes as well, but I'm hearing great things about the GOwalk too.

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