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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Surviving the Holiday Season

If you are like me, then you have been gearing up for this season all year round.  You have been thinking in the back of your mind how you are going to approach Thanksgiving dinner, neighbor treats and work parties, and Halloween candy especially when it's on clearance November 1st.  As much as I wish I could just go into this season with the willpower of an army, I know I can't.  I spent many holiday seasons of my life enjoying myself without boundaries.  I ate and ate and ate, then ate some more.  I loved going to parties and having the food in the abundance.  The cookies delivered at my door were delicious and I could eat a whole bag of reeses'.  The only thing that these things got me was a size 22 pant and high blood pressure.  It also made me feel incredibly awful about myself.  I tried to pretend that who I was, was someone that I didn't mind being.  But deep inside, I really hated who I had become. I was sluggish, overweight and felt very unattractive.  I wish I could just go to a party and not worry about what food is there.  I always have to constantly remind myself that the food on the table doesn't need to be consumed by me.  I am pretty great at staying on my eating plan at home, but at parties, I get some sort of pressure to eat and eat, just like old times.  It scares me, but I know that I just have to find ways to cope with it and realize that food is meant for fuel and not fun or entertainment.  It can be and I don't have a problem with socializing around food, it's just when we abuse that.

As much as I wish I could just head into this fun exciting season without any guilt and eat every last piece of chocolate, I know that I can't.  Last year was my first year in my entire life that I can remember where I watched what I ate.  I was really dedicated and I even lost weight! This year I plan to do the same and every year after that.  I do this because I am not on a diet, I am on a thing called life.  I want a healthy life for myself.  I want to feel great in my jeans and I want that confidence that cookies cannot bring me.

This holiday season has been okay so far.  I will admit, I have had some splurges that were not planned, but honestly thinking about it and mulling over it makes it worse.  My best advice for unplanned splurges especially when you have more than you planned is just move on! Drink lots of water and realize that you can just move on and forget about it.  I also want to point out that you don't need to perfect.  Thank goodness for that! You don't have to be 100% every single day all day! Stop beating yourself up and be proud that you actually feel guilt because there may have been a time you didn't.  I can remember the times eating myself sick and just thinking that was normal, never weighing myself and not even realize that my pants were getting tight.  Thankfully now I am aware and know when I need to back off or step it up at the gym.

If you need extra help with the holiday season, make sure you download my Healthy Holidays Chart.  Just mark off the days in advanced that are planned splurges like parties, holidays, or just a cheat day.  Then hang it in your home or office.  I hang mine in my kitchen and cross it off at night when I have done good! It really helps me to stay on track because that X at the end of the day is so gratifying!

I also found this post very interesting on the eating disorders of the holiday season and how to cope with them!


  1. Love this idea and am so inspired by your progress! I have a business inquiry to support women who wish to live a healthy lifestyle. I'd like to ask a couple of questions, my email is hawkincm09@bonaventure.edu if you could send me an email! Thanks, Colleen

  2. Hi Diana! I love reading your blog and seeing all that you have accomplished. Hopefully you remember me as I was one of your YW advisors when you lived in Upland. My question for you is what do you consider a "good" eating day and what do you deem a "splurge"?


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