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Friday, October 3, 2014

Weight loss Update


Leather Jacket: Forever 21 | Flannel button up: Old Navy |  Black pants: Old Navy (Similar) | Black heels: JcPenney  Photography: Becky Kimball

September was a pretty awesome month! I had several instances where I felt stronger than I have ever felt throughout my journey.  Although, the number on the scale stays in the same, I don't really let that get me down.  I am lifting much heavier weights and building muscle which is what I am really after.  

Right now, I am focusing on lowering my body fat percentage which last I checked was at 29%.  I would love to get it down to a 25% ultimately, but of course I have no rush to get there.  Running served it's purpose in my life and helped me get the bulk of  my weight off.  While I still love the sport of running, it was becoming too predictable for my body.  I needed something to challenge me like running did in the beginning.  I started looking more into weights and have been focusing on weight lifting for the past month.  I am so much stronger than I was when I was at my half marathon race shape! I know that running will always be apart of my life and I may even go back to it next year and run a few races, but I am looking forward to trying new things.

As far as what my new goals are?  I don't have any clear cut "I want to be a size 4" goals.  My main goals are to keep leaning out and build muscle, I want to be working out 5-6x a week. I want to continue to track my food through my fitness pal (username is dianawinksmith).  I just want to continue bettering myself and I know that what I am doing is just that.  I want to be better at less snacking (cheezits will be the death of me!) I want to have only one cheat meal a week since that is what really keeps me going most weeks.  

I am really glad that I posted my weight loss updates throughout the last year on my blog. This time last year I was posting about my weight loss which you can find here. Last year I was training for my first half marathon and feeling like I could conquer the world.  I can see such huge changes in my body compared to then and now.  Giving up has never been an option.  Slowing down or taking a small break has, but I never let myself say that I was done forever. I have taken plenty of small breaks to help me get back on track and each time I come back stronger than before.  I am hoping to make the rest of the year stronger than ever!


  1. You look amazing and are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. You rock girl! Thanks for the daily motivation!

  3. You look great , trying to loose 40 pounds and your story keeps me going , thanks 😀

  4. i think you looks SO GREAT!! i love how you dress too, wish i knew how to dress as well as you do!

  5. You sure are inspirational girl! Keep up the hard work - you are killing it!

  6. Hello, I was referred to your blog as inspiration as I embark on the the battle of a lifetime. My starting weight was 418 at 5'8" tall and I have looked into weightloss surgery several times!!! I want to and feel I can do this without it. Please follow me and give me guidance as I am just starting. Thank you so much and I am so happy you shared your journey. Teamtracy.blogspot.com


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