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Monday, December 15, 2014

Why I love my Fit Bit

I had heard quite a bit of great reviews on the fit bit from friends and family.  I was hesitant to purchase one because I felt like it was just another gadget to use each day.  Well, yes it is another gadget, but it has really made a huge difference in my activity levels the past few weeks.

Basically the fitbit is a gadget you wear around your wrist.  It's battery charged and I have had to charge mine 2 times a week which only takes 30 minutes.  You sync up your body stats into an app on your phone that is connected to the actual fit bit.  The app is really helpful to check in randomly during the day so you can see how your steps are going and how many calories you're burning.  Are the calories on the app accurate?  I think so! There is no heart rate monitor attached so I was weary at first, but since I know how many I burn a day, it's come pretty close every single day.  The fit bit also lets you track how you sleep at night which is fun to see.  I don't use that feature every day because I find when I turn it on, I am thinking about how I am not sleeping when it's on so it stresses me out! haha, lame, but I guess when you are thinking about it more, its on your mind.  But the few times I have used it, it's neat to see when you are restless at night even though you thought you slept all night.

Whenever I see another dot flashing, I get so motivated to keep it going.  I haven't hit my goal every single day.  My goal is 10,000 steps or 5 miles.  That's a pretty common goal for most people.  I could  increase it, but I like to make sure I hit and then some.  5 miles is a pretty active day anyways so I am okay with keeping it at that for now.

Why do I wear my polar and fit bit?  Well for one, I only wear my polar when I workout, not all day.  I like to see how many calories I burn at each specific workout.  I also like to see my heart rate as I am working out because I know what is a good targeted zone for my body and where I like to stay at. The fit bit doesn't tell me that.  They are both great for separate reasons and I have really enjoyed using the fit bit because it for sure keeps me going almost every day! I love getting the emails saying that I completed my goal or telling me just 2,000 more steps and you are at your goal.  It's very rewarding! I also like to compete with friends and family who are using a fit bit and we can challenge one another.  You can purchase a fitbit here and a polarft4 here.


  1. I've been looking into the Fitbit for a while! Do you have the Fitbit flex or the charge? Not sure which one to get! Thanks!

  2. I have the Flex and I love it! I even find myself walking around my house when I'm close to my daily goal!! I've learned to draw the drapes since my neighbors likely think I'm going mad or trying to stomp out a fire. But it keeps me motivated.

  3. I just got the Flex for Christmas and I ADORE it. I can already tell it's going to be a huge motivator for me. I really like that it has a food program too. I was previously using weight watchers but I like that this tells you the calorie amount.

  4. Hi Diana, just wanted to let you know that I followed up from IG and read your post. There will be a new Fitbit Charge HR in 2015. Do you think that would fulfill everything the Flex and Polar do combined? I'm trying to decide between the Flex, Charge, and Charge HR right now. Along with that, I'm considering a ProForm Hybrid Elliptical. Thanks so much for your input! -Candi

  5. Ah a FitBit is on my list of things I want!


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  7. I just ordered my Fitbit Charge HR today and I'm so excited. Now to wait the 4-6 weeks for it to come. Thanks for your inspiration and motivation :)

  8. I think you should keep this post in your Instagram profile. I think you get asked about these ten times a day. :) Thanks for the info.

  9. I want to add you on Fitbit! What is your email??

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