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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Third Child the most expensive!

I wanted to keep you all updated on my life so far since finding out we are going to be a family of five! This time has been very exciting and lots of plans are being made for the future, it's definitely been hard keeping up my energy as pregnancy is exhausting! I am hoping that it's just these first few months that I feel this way.  Either way, I know this time of my life is temporary and I will be back to heart-pumping workouts soon.

We have been thinking about all the things we need to change before this baby comes.  I was driving a Honda Insight before which wasn't going to be big enough for three little kiddos in the back.  I knew we needed something bigger and a van was probably going to be our best bet.  We looked at some SUV's but I wasn't keen on the idea of folding down seats.  As uncool as a van is, functionality is what won us! We bought a Toyota Sienna and so far, I am in love.  There are so many cool features that I didn't realize I needed in my life until now.  We just put Olivia (4 yrs) into a booster and with the automatic door opening, she can unbuckle herself and open the door all on her own.  That has been life changing for me! It sure makes getting in and out of the car so much easier! I know it will just be such a great thing when the third baby comes and I am juggling loading 3 kids into the car.

I am 14 weeks pregnant and am starting to feel it more and more.  My energy for daily tasks has gone up, which wasn't so about a month ago.  I was having to take naps daily! I hated feeling that way because before I could get up at 6am for my workout and be on the go all day until 10 pm at night! I sure miss my energy!  However now I feel it slowly coming back.  I still am exercising 4-6x a week.  It's been hard because running is almost impossible.  I feel like a ton of bricks are attached to me.  I go to the track and see so many runners just hopping from lap to lap and I'm like hey don't mind me waddling around! I promise I used to run like you! I keep reminding myself this is just my life right now and won't last forever! Not going to lie, it's been hard but I know it's for a purpose that I have been planning for a long time and that I am very grateful for.


  1. Wow!!! So exciting! Just do your best and that's all you need to expect of yourself. Pregnancy for the third baby goes by so fast while having to chase two little ones around. Good luck!

  2. Yay for you! I hope your energy levels start to come back, but good for you for keeping up with exercising even though it's hard! That's really inspiring :)

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  3. Hey! I am pregnant with our third too! :) I'm almost 8weeks along. I'm am super sick and tired this time around. I am so looking forward to the second trimester. I'm having a hard time with my eating habits. I'm either sick and not hungry at all or I'm starving and want to eat everything in sight. Im struggling with this BC b4 getting pregnant I had just worked super hard to lose 30 pounds.. and I'm worried bc I'm still considered overweight and just don't want to have to start all over again. I still need to keep exercising and eating well but so far I'm like completely off track. I'm a big ball of emotions. Any tips for me? It would be awesome if u could email me. Lfredlund09@gmail.com.

  4. The third really IS the $$ changer… I fought the minivan until our third turned four. Man, I was missing so much! Automatic doors?! That feature alone was worth it! Good luck with the new babe. Love following along in your adventures!


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