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Monday, February 2, 2015

no more excuses

I wanted to lose weight for many reasons.  It's obvious I wanted to look and feel better about myself.  I think we all have some sort of desire to be better then where we are at in life.  For me, my weight was a huge issue that I needed to change in order to feel more happy with who I was.  It affected basically everything I did.  I was and still am a full time mom.  Having this job title requires quite a bit of movement and energy.  I was seriously lacking as a mother when I was overweight.  My children were 1 and 2 when I decided to lose weight.  They required a lot of attention and I simply could not keep up.  

When I could barely function a full day without an hour nap or laying on the couch for several hours while they played with toys, I knew that I needed to change.  I wanted to be there with them on the floor, running after them and not finding any excuse to crash on the couch.  I wanted them to try and keep up with me instead of them running me dry each day.  It was then I decided to start taking them on mile walks around my neighborhood each day.  They enjoyed getting out and I enjoyed the exercise.  Over time, my energy was going up and I was looking forward to this time outside with my children.  We would walk to a park near my house, play and then walk home. 

I am so glad I kept this up because it was the starting point for me that made me realize I could do it.  I stopped making excuses for myself. Rather than making my children my excuse, I made them my reason.  I now go to a park and play with them.  I get up in the slide even if I barely fit and make them laugh until they are laughing too hard.  My kids are 4 and 3 now, so things have changed a little bit since I first started.  They easily tire of these long walks I used to take them on, but I am looking forward to this new baby to come where I can push him or her around.  


  1. You are truly inspirational, I read your blog both when i'm struggling & when i'm pumped about starting my own journey. It is seriously a struggle in the beginning, but I trust when you say anyone can do it. :) Thanks for being my day maker!

  2. You are awesome! I really need to start back on working out and I am doing my best to eat right so I'm getting there :)


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