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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Meal Prepping

I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot out exercise a bad diet! I have tried! There have been weeks where I was burning 1000 calories per workout, working extra hard.  Then I would come home and pig out.  I would either maintain my weight or gain! I was trying so hard to eat whatever I wanted, but I knew deep down that I could not do that if I wanted to see progress.  I have 3 kids now and my free time is very precious.  I have to get creative on when I get that time to get things done for myself.  As you all know, I workout in the mornings before kids are up for the day.  I have an AMAZING husband who is very supportive of my goals because he knows it makes me happy.  He is always encouraging me to spend time alone if I need it because he understands the demands of a stay at home mom.  Well for food, I like to cook my meals a few days in advance.

I was cooking this while my oldest was at school, my second was watching his favorite show and my third was taking her afternoon nap.  I thought how easy it could have been to just lay down and relax with the rest of them, but I knew I had the time to get this done so I did.  This food made 2 meals.  I am also not the biggest fan of leftovers... sometimes it grosses me out! Especially microwaved chicken or certain vegetables.  I usually make my food no more than 3 days in advance but I like some freshness.  Other times, I will spend Sunday evenings after my children have gone to bed (between 8-9pm) and cook up a few meals for the week so that I stay prepared.  I will also boil a handful of eggs, peel carrots, cook a bunch of rice and sautee some vegetables.  Then I can store them in my fridge and all I need to do is cook up some meat to go along with it.  It seriously cuts my cooking time in half, yet I am still get a great tasting meal. I honestly feel so much better when I eat this way.  I had my cheat meal this past weekend and I felt so gross afterwards because my body is not used to eating that way. This prep makes such a big difference in my life!


  1. I feel the same way about leftovers....yuck! Especially microwaved chicken.

  2. I feel the same way about leftovers....yuck! Especially microwaved chicken.

  3. Yummy, looks so appetite. But first read this http://blogs.naturalnews.com/7-personal-development-tips-improve-quality-life/ stuff before cook something from this chicken or meal. There is really nice and interesting stuff


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