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What I Eat

I get asked all the time what I eat.  I know that its hard to find healthy recipes that actually taste good.  I wanted to share a few of my staple recipes with you all so you can hopefully get some ideas. I eat lots of salads, vegetables, chicken, ground turkey, low calorie pasta, and fruits.  I hope this helps!

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  1. Just found your blog via yahoo!! Congrats on your weight loss. I too have been on a journey for ten months now. So far Ive lost 65 lbs. finding your website today was so encouraging, I am currently on a plateau that doesnt seem to want to give. Thanks so much for putting it out there for all to see. Very courageous,,keep up the good work.

  2. I saw your story in the latest WOMEN'S WORLD Magazine and it STRONGLY solidified my conviction to eat more simply (unrefined foods), work on teaching my brain what a "modest portion" is - and to get back to walking. The spiritual component of your story was EXTREMELY uplifting :-D God BLESS...I will be followign your blog !!!

  3. I read your story in womens world & was re-inspired. I have lost 94lbs. & my goal is to weigh around 180. You are such an inspiration to never give up & accepting it's never to late to start again. Keeeep it Upppp!!!!

  4. Saw and read your story in Woman's World and was really inspired. Was wondering if the dietary part could be adapted to vegetarian?

  5. I do the salad and cottage cheese thing too! I thought I was the only one :-P I think it makes sucha good dressing. I do it a lot at buffets.

  6. I am SO excited I found your blog, I am looking for inspiration to finally kick my weight and keep it off so I can start a family and I am encouraged by your posts! :D


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